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Aspen and Shadows, 10x20", call for price

Sunset Glow, 20x20", call for price


Cactus Splendor, 12x12", Call for Price

Capitol Peak, 16x16", call for price


Aspen Skies, 48x48"", SOLD


Waters Edge, Bighorn Mtns, 16x20"

Western Sky Colors, 13x16", call for price

Coming of Fall, 9x12", Call for Price

Grand Canyon View, 9x12", call for price

FullSizeRender 3_edited_edited.jpg

Casper Mountain, 10x20" Call for price


Sunset over Laramie Peak, 16x40", call for price


The Cimarron River, 16x40", Call for Price

Grand Canyon, 16x40", Call for Price

Laurel Falls, 8x10", call for price

Cactus Blooms, 8x10", call for price


Cloud Serenade, 30x30",  Call for price

Summer Skies, Aspen, 36x36, Call for price

Lillipads, 12x12", call for price

Sunrise Mystique, 12x12"", Call for price


Skies of Utah,  16x16", Call for price

Milk Thistle of Okla. 8x10", Call for price

Aspen Radiance, 10x20", Call for Price

The Quiet Pond, 24x31", call for price


Best Show in Texas, 15x30", call for price

Trail to Chimney Top, 16x20", call for price

Stream of Peace, 11x14", call for price

Bighorn Mountain Summer, 11x14", call for price

Red Buds and Rail Fence, 11x14", call for price

No.Fork Shoshone, 9x12", call for price

Redbud Path, 16x20", call for price

Mount Scott, Okla., 11x14", call for price

Elmer Lake, Okla., 14x18", call for price

Platte River Morning, 11x14", call for price

Aspen Splendor, 12x12", call for price

Cottonwoods at Sunrise, 11x14", call for price

Colorado Sunrise, 12x24", Call for Price

Grand Tetons, 24x30", call for price

Fall in the Aspen, 36x36", call for price

Roadside Roses, 12x12", Call for Price


Evening Pond, 11x14", call for price

Western Yucca, 12x16", Call for Price

Oklahoma Trail, Moon, 11x14", call for price


Summer Shadows, 18x24", call for price


Tranquil Sunrise, 9x12", call for price

FullSizeRender 10_edited.jpg

After the Snow, 8x8", call for price

Winter Stream, 20x30", call for price

Aspen Lake, 9x12", call for price

Snowy Range, 11x14",  Call for price

Western Cottonwoods, 12x12",  Call for price

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