Aspen Meadow Triptych, 24x48", SOLD

New Mexico Sky, 30x30", $1995.00

Laurel Falls-Smoky Mtns, 16x16" $795.00

Quaking Aspen, 20"x40", $2500.00

Bighorn Mountains, 12x12", $425.00

Redbud Spring, 16x20", $1200.00

Smoky Mtn Path, 16x20", $1500.00

Arizona Sky. 20X20", $1500-SOLD

Stream Relection, 10x20", $495

Smoky Mtn Fall, 24x36" $2500.00

Sunset  Over Taos, 12x24" $1200.00

Arizona Charissa, 9x12", $395.00

Indian Paintbrush, 8x10", SOLD

Hayden Valley, 36x36", $2500.00

Fall Aspen Treetops, 4'x4', $3500.00

Teton Fall,  24x30", $1800.00

SummerAspen Treetops, 3'x3', $2500=SOLD

Colorado Wildflowers, 16x20", $1500.00

Colorado Summer, 9x12", $395

Touch of Gold, 12x16", $495.00

Canyon Light, 22x28", $1800.00

Wootens Throne, 30x40", SOLD

Grand Canyon Winter, 12x36" , $1500.00

Courthouse Rock, 11x14", $450.00

Cactus & Bluebonnets, 10x20", $495.00

Biltmore Bridge, 14x18", SOLD

Winter Begins,  8x10" $350.00

Pathway to the Moon, 11x14", $450.00

Bluebonnet Meadow, 16x20", $695.00

Mountain Lake Reflection, 22x28", $1800.00

After the Snow, 8x8" $295.00

Red Rock Canyon Reflection, 5x7",


Abstract Sky, 12x12", $395.00

Pathway through the Aspen, 24x36", $2500.00

Aspen Peace, 24x36",$2500.00

Winter Stream, 10x10", $395.00

Estes Park, 12x12" $425.00