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Blue Boy, 10x10", Call for Price

Pair of Cardinals, 11x14", SOLD


September Call, 12x24", Call for Price

The Patriot, 30x40", Call for Price


Bison at Mount Scott, 20x24", SOLD


German Brown Rising, SOLD


October German Brown, 14x18, Call for Price

FullSizeRender 6_edited.jpg

Rooster, 6"x6", Call for price


Jack Rabbit and Coyote, 16"x16", Call for price

Against The Storm, 24x30", Call for price

Pronghorn, 12x12", Call for price

The Swan, 10x10", Call for price

Pheasant Hunt, 12x16", Call for price

Three Winter Kings, 12x24", Call for price

Night Drifter, 11x14", Call for price

Wichita Bison, 9x12", Call for price

Carter Mountain Bull, 24x30", SOLD

Moonlighting Moose, 11x14", Call for price

American Bison, 24x30", Call for price

Pursuit, Whitetail Deer, 24x48", Call for price

Moon Walker, Cougar, 18x24", Call for price

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